Spacebar regulations

The Community, Ethics and Best Practices Rules at Spacebar Coworking Spaces were created and implemented primarily to ensure that all Members have a professional environment in which they can perform their duties comfortably in harmony with all Members and staff of the facility.

For purposes of these Internal Rules, references to "you", "your" and similar terms shall mean the Member Company, its Members and/or guests, as appropriate.

  • Spacebar common areas are available for use by all of our members and their guests (unless we indicate otherwise). 
  • While using a Spacebar space, you are responsible for your personal property. Spacebar is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • For the safety and enjoyment of all members of our community, you shall act in a respectful manner in the space and shall not engage in any activity or cause or permit anything to happen that is reasonably harmful or dangerous to us or any member, or our or their employees, guests or property.
  • To help protect our spaces, your digital access credential for each Spacebar member is for your personal use only and may not be copied or shared with any other person or party unless expressly authorized by Spacebar. Members must prevent others from accessing without presenting their digital access credentials. If someone follows you into a Spacebar space without presenting your digital access credential, ask him/her to check in at the Spacebar Community front desk.
  • Members are not authorized to make copies of any keys, or other means of entry to any Spacebar space, or lend, share or transfer keys to any third party, unless previously authorized by us.
  • It is strictly prohibited (i) to use any Spacebar space to conduct or develop any illegal or offensive activity, and (ii) in Spacebar spaces, weapons of any kind and any other offensive, dangerous, hazardous, dangerous, flammable or explosive material. If you become aware of the presence of weapons in a Spacebar space, please report it immediately by sending an e-mail to
  • None of your Members or guests under the legal drinking age in the applicable jurisdiction may consume alcohol in a Spacebar space. Your Members or guests who are of the minimum legal drinking age and who choose to consume alcohol in a Spacebar space must do so in a responsible manner. You are responsible for ensuring that your Members and guests comply with this rule.
  • Any guest in a Spacebar space must check in at the Community's front desk and may be required to present a valid government-issued photo ID and/or comply with additional steps required under our policies. The Member Company and the Member registering a guest are responsible for their guest while such guest is in the Spacebar space.
  • Members and guests may be required to present a Covid 19 vaccination card, health certificate or equivalent to allow access.  Likewise, the use of masks may be requested during the stay in common areas at any time according to the provisions of Health Agencies.
  • For any of your Members or guests using the Spacebar wireless internet and/or the Spacebar Member Portal, such persons' computers, tablets, mobile devices and other electronic equipment must (a) be current with the latest software updates provided by the software vendor and (b) be kept free of malware, viruses, spyware, worms, Trojan horses or anything else that is designed to conduct malicious, hostile and/or invasive operations.  We reserve the right to remove any device from our networks that poses a threat to our networks or users until the threat is remediated.
  • Your Members or guests may not operate any equipment in our space that has a higher heat output or electrical consumption than is expected in a typical office environment, or that places excessive strain on our electrical, IT, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems; or structural systems, without our prior approval. Such determination will be made at our sole and exclusive discretion.
  • Please note that, for security reasons, we may, at our discretion, periodically videotape certain areas in a Spacebar space.
  • In the case of any item supplied to you by the Spacebar community team for temporary use, you will be responsible for replacement fees in the event of loss, theft or destruction of such property.
  • It is strictly prohibited to intentionally solicit or offer employment to the staff of other members at the facility (or within 3 months of resigning from their employment). To compensate the other party for staff training and investment costs, if any member breaches this clause, the breaching party shall pay on demand the equivalent of 6 months' salary of the employee involved.
  • Our IT infrastructure and its maintenance is operated by experts, therefore, you must not install any telecommunications or IT cabling or connections without our consent, which we may refuse at our sole discretion. As a condition of our consent, you must allow us to monitor any installations (e.g. IT or electrical systems) and verify that such installations do not interfere with the use of the space by other members, us or any user of the building. Where applicable, installation and de-installation fees will be borne by you.
  • You must only use the accommodations for business office purposes. The common areas are available to all members without limit of use, however if we decide that the use of any particular facility is excessive, you will be notified and requested to refrain or reduce excessive use, and we reserve the right to charge an additional fee with prior notice in order to ensure an excellent working environment for all. The above applies equally to guests.
  • It is your responsibility to keep the information we use to communicate with you, as well as key contact information, through the web portal up to date. This includes, but is not limited to, names of all team members, email addresses, phone numbers and your consent to contact them.
  • You must comply with all relevant laws and regulations in the conduct of Your business. You must not do anything that may interfere with Our operation as a Premises or that of other members (including but not limited to political campaigning or immoral activities), cause any nuisance, or cause loss or damage to Us (including damage to reputation) or to the owner of any interest in the Premises.

Failure to comply with the regulations could result in immediate termination of the contract by notice to the key contact as well as any of the following scenarios:  

  1. You lack creditworthiness or become bankrupt; 
  2. You fail to perform an obligation that cannot be corrected or that We have asked You to correct and that You have not corrected within 5 days of our notice;
  3. Your conduct, or the conduct of anyone on Spacebar with your permission or invitation, is not in accordance with the ordinary use of our spaces and that conduct continues despite notice to you, or that conduct is sufficiently significant to warrant immediate termination; 
  4. If any governmental authority or other legislative body has informed us of a reasonable suspicion that you are conducting criminal activity from the premises, or that you are or will be subject to any governmental sanction.
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